Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Whew what a busy month!

I haven't updated...FOREVER!!! Sorry, alot has been happening and it seems like I never have a free moment. To start off Riley and I celebrated our First Anniversary!!!! How time flies when you're having fun!!! This past year has been filled with so much more love and excitement then I could have EVER imagined!!! I love you RY!!! To celebrate we went out to dinner and just hung out together!! Riley surprised me with a beautiful bouquet of roses and lilies!!

Baseball season has ended for my brother's so that means I have officially watched Kendall play his last highschool sport. What a bittersweet moment that I thought would have never came so fast! He has done our family so so proud in all his many accomplishments on and off the field!! They ended the season with an annual father son softball game. Since my dad was out of town big brother in law Riley stepped up to the plate in place of my dad!!! What a fun time they had and the fathers/brother in-laws WON...haha!

Riley at bat!!!

Connor at bat!!!

Kendall at bat!!

I can tell the weather is warming up because we are spending more and more time outside! We had the privilege to go to Lagoon to watch Jordyn compete in a dance competition! What a ham she is up there not taking her eyes off the judges with a smile from ear to ear the entire routine!! I am so proud of the progress she has made in one year!!! From weddings to fishing derby's we have been doing it all!! This past weekend for Memorial Day we went camping with Riley's family at Flaming Gorge!!! I love camping and it reminds me of when I was a little girl and all the fun memories I have!!! I hope we can continue this tradition with our own family one day!!! And last but definitely not least my BABY brother isn't a baby anymore!! He celebrated his 16th birthday last week and I can't believe it!!! He is pretty proud of his license and he should be!!!
Hope all is well with you all and I think spring is here with Summer following close behind!!!

P.S. I am getting better with pictures and I will have some more of graduation soon!!!