Sunday, June 12, 2011

Boy oh BOY!!!!

We are super excited to announce a baby BOY will be joining our Family this November!!! We couldn't be happier and I know Riley is thrilled to have a little buddy by his side!!! I just want to note a few things I have learned about my little guy in the past day or so...

*His FAMILY is SUPER EXCITED FOR HIS ARRIVAL!!!!! (We were a little worried about Jord and Kam's reaction but they were so excited!!!!)
* I think this little guy is going to make it to Africa to hunt with his daddy before me (or maybe we will be able to go together if I am lucky)
*I am sure this little boy will be VERY VERY spoiled by his Dad (I have already been warned...haha)
*This little guy has already melted my heart just seeing him on the ultrasound XOXO!!!

It was a huge shock to hear "It's a Boy" I was in shock the whole first day, but when I tried to go to sleep that night I couldn't help but find myself with tears running down my cheeks feeling so blessed to know this little guy has so much love and excitement awaiting him!!! We feel extremely Blessed and Thankful and there isn't a better Holiday this baby could be born on!!! (He is due the day before Thanksgiving!!!) We can't wait to meet him!!!!!