Friday, March 20, 2009

Good as NEW!!!

SHE'S BACK!!!! My car is finally fixed!!! Its actually been back for almost a week, but I just had time to write about it!! I was very nervous to see if it would be the same and she looks better than before!! Thank you body shop!!! Also it must be baby season, I can't believe everyone is having there babies and to add to the list my aunt had her baby girl earlier this week!!! She is just a tiny little thing weighing 4 lbs 11oz, I can't even imagine how small that is. They are pretty sure they are going to name her Hanna but not positive!! I am so excited for them and probably won't see her for awhile since they don't live near by...sad. Congrats Rusty, Annie, and Bridger!! Another congratulations goes out to my little sister in law on being named Head JV cheerleader!!! This is so exciting for her and she will do a great job and have so much fun next year!!! Well not much more to say just off to a baseball game this afternoon to watch my brothers!! Hope you are all enjoying the weather and bring on spring!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


So for the past two weeks I have not been working due to the fact my boss decided he needed a vacation, not complaining one bit!!! But I can hardly believe that tomorrow I go back to work. Where did the time go? It seriously feels like I have only been off for the weekend. Doesn't it seem like when you want time to go by slow it flies by and then when you can't wait for an upcoming event time just crawls along? Man I hate it! The two week break was very needed though and I couldn't have asked for a more relaxing time off. I love to sleep in and took advantage of that and since I didn't have my car due to the deer accident I tried to avoid driving Riley's truck as much as possible so pretty much I just stayed home and I loved it!!! I did through a jewelry party which was really fun and had such cute jewelry!!! I can't wait until it comes!! I was hoping that I would be able to spend some time with my amazing hubby but he was busy working, which at this time I can't complain he has work!! I told him that in April I have another week off and I would really like to go somewhere for our anniversary!! I can't believe its been a year already! So maybe next months time off will bring more events but for now I am just dreading that alarm going off tomorrow morning!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What a week!!

So the past week has been full of many surprises most good but some bad. To start off Riley has been set on tearing out the two huge trees in front of our house so he could redo the landscaping. I'm not going to lie I was a little nervous about them coming down onto our roof. Luckily I can say we were successful in that not being the case. Once the trees were dug up he decided he neededto rip out all the grass as well, so now I have a yard full of mud every persons dream..not!! I don't know what has gotten into him but then he decided to have the septic system pumped and redo the water lines as well, his project not mine. So far everything is running smoothly and we just started our rock wall this morning. So Wednesday morning rolls around and we have a message on Riley's phone from our best friends saying that his wife went into labor early that morning and they were down at the hospital waiting to have her. I was totally freaking out because she was pretty much a month early and I was worried her lungs might not be developed. So at about nine that morning we received the call they had her and everything is perfect!!! They named her Kate Marie Smith and let me tell you she is one beautiful little girl. We couldn't be happier for them and I hope Kara gets feeling better since she had a C-section. Congratulations Dev, Kara, and Jake on your new arrival!!! So this past weekend Riley went to NASCAR and I went to cedar city to watch state basketball. Riley had fun and the two cars he bet on won the races!!!! To bad he couldn't have won back all the money he lost:(! The North Summit Boys basketball team took state and that was exciting to be there to see. So to end my week couldn't have been any worse. I went to my mom and dad's on Sunday to have dinner with them since Riley was still out of town and it was very yummy. I decided to leave around 6:30 so I wasn't driving home by myself late which I thought was a smart idea, that was until I was driving around the reservoir and Bambie's mom decided to jump over the guard rail on to my CAR!! I had no choice than to hit the deer because if I would have swerved and over corrected I could have landed in the lake or on the mountain. So yes my car which I have had since Sept. is at the body shop as of this morning. I was so so so upset and couldn't even talk to my dad when I called him for help. Luckily him, my mom, Brett, and Joni all came to see if I was OK because I didn't dare drive the rest of the way or get out to see the damage, I was pretty shaken up. So I am so so so mad my car is having to be fixed. I'm waiting back to hear about the damages and I'm not looking forward to the call, luckily for insurance I won't have to pay it all. So who knows how long it will be until I drive home in the dark for a awhile. I also informed my dad I will be getting a deer tag every year from here on out to take out my frustration!!!